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Is nursing your passion? If so, why not register with the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (Nrcme)? It is a national program for health professionals that execute physical examinations for bus drivers as well as truck drivers. To become DOT certified, you must complete a training course and pass tests centered around the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s standards and guidelines.

The training course is completely online and includes all downloadable material as well as reference material. It is 18 hours, with 14 modules that include course videos, a narrator, and images to make learning easier and more immersive. Some online training courses don’t include any further material, but there are a few that come with practice cards and exam questions that are printable.

Online courses can be tough, especially when work starts piling up and things get hectic. This is alleviated a lot when instructors are able to be reached directly by email with any questions, comments, or concerns about the material. You can also type any noted you need during studying, to keep close by on your computer whenever you require them.


When you complete the course, you should receive a Certificate of Course Completion. This is the page you’ll need to take the final exam and become listed on the National Registry. Once you’re registered with the NRCME, your credentials will be accessible to the general population as well as drivers, government and state officials, and carriers.

Don’t be nervous about taking the certification test, as they provide plenty of study materials and references to browse. Registering to sit for the exam is easy, you find your nearest testing center and when you’re done receive your scores that same day. It’s convenient to know whether you’ve passed or not within 24 hours, skipping the nerve-wracking weeks of waiting for test results.